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My Band FAQs

What is My Band?

My Band is a waterproof wristband that allows you to access the new waterpark and fitness complex, open and close lockers and make cashless payments throughout Finlake. Additionally, when you make a qualifying cashless payment with your wristband, your My Haulfryn Health & Fitness Rewards discount will be given to you automatically!

Where do I pick up My Band?

Please pick up your My Band(s) from the Leisure Reception on your next visit to Finlake. Children’s bands can be applied for when collecting your adult My Bands.

How does My Band work?

Simply tap My Band against one of the My Band terminals and job done! Access gates will open, lockers will automatically open and close and cashless payment can be made at the till for food, drink, activities, treatments and retail items.

How can I pay with My Band?

When you pick up your My Band, as part of the registration process we will register a debit or credit card to each My Band. Each band registered to a card will be able to make cashless payments throughout the park simply by tapping the My Band against a payment terminal at the till or at your table, when you come to pay. You will be issued with a receipt in the normal way as if you were paying by card or cash.

Is there a limit on what I can spend on My Band?

There is a daily limit of £1,000 per day on each My Band, subject to funds being available in your account.

Can I limit the amount that can be spent on My Band? For example, for children?

Yes, we can limit the daily spend limit on each My Band or disable the band from making payments. Please ask at Reception and we can make this amendment for you.

I do not want my children to be able to make cashless payments with their My Band.

Not a problem. Please ask at Reception and we will ensure the bands will have this function disabled.

I do not want to use My Band for cashless payments. Is that Ok?

Yes of course. Simply pay for any purchases by cash, debit or credit card in the normal way – we also take contactless and Apple Pay. We do not though, for reasons of hygiene, take cash at The Splash Café by the poolside. Once you experience the ease of payment on park using the wristband, we hope you will find it an easier way to make purchases, especially at the waterpark.

I started to allow payments through My Band but have changed my mind. Can I withdraw the payment facility whenever I wish?

Yes. Please go to either reception with the band(s) in question and a member of the team will make the necessary changes for you.

What can I pay for with My Band?

My Band can be used to purchase from food, drinks, and items from the shop.
The high ropes and horse riding are operated by external companies and do not accept payment via My Band.

How do you know the My Band used for a payment is being made by the rightful owner?

When the band is tapped against the payment terminal the till will immediately display to the team member serving you, full details of the band holder. The team member will ask the person to verify their surname and/or lodge number if applicable and if the answer given does not match, then the transaction is cancelled.

I have lost My Band. What do I do?

Please call in to the Reception as soon as you know it is missing and we will issue you with a new band. The old band will be deactivated and no longer work. Please note there is a £5 charge for lost bands. If Reception is closed the Retreat Bar and Restaurant can assist.

I have lost My Band. Can someone else use it to make a cashless payment?

For every transaction we will ask the band holder to verify their surname and/or lodge number if applicable and if the answer given does not match our records then we will decline that payment. However, we request you call in to Reception as soon as you know your band is missing so we can deactivate the old one as soon as possible.

I have lost My Band. Can I gain access to the facilities without one?

No. You must have a registered My Band to access the waterpark, fitness gym and to use the lockers.

What if My Band stops working?

My Bands have a lengthy battery life but if there is a problem then please go to Reception where a replacement band will be given to you.

I’ve seen differently coloured My Bands. Why is that and can I choose a colour?

We have groups of customers with particular requirements, for example, the team, owners of lodges and holidaymakers. So we can identify these groups easily we have different coloured bands, so unfortunately we are unable to change the colour of the band you are issued with.