Finlake Flippers

Finlake Flippers Swim School is a growing swim school that provide swimming lessons for all ages and all abilities. We offer Parent and Toddler lessons, Group lessons, 1:1 lessons and 2:1 lessons to help you and your children improve and gain confidence in the water.

We follow the Amateur Swimming Association Learn to Swim Programme to provide quality swimming lessons.



Pay for your swimming lessons by becoming a Swim+ member from just £25 per month.

Membership Includes:

  • Swim School
  • Guaranteed group Swimming Lessons – no deadlines to miss!
  • Unlimited swimming during term time
  • Free kids’ fitness classes
  • 20% off anything you spend on the park

All for just £25 per Month* (For under 5’s)
And just £29 per Month* (Age 5 and over)

*Membership paid for via Direct Debit.

Rookie Lifeguard

We are excited to announce that we are introducing the Rookie Lifeguard course into our swimming lessons.

RLSS UK’s Rookie Lifeguard programme gives your child the skills they need to be confident in the pool or the sea – which means peace of mind for you. With fun, varied activities, the Rookie Lifeguard scheme teaches children how to swim and enjoy water safely, whether in shallow or deeper water.

Term Payments

Below are the charges for a single lesson. The whole term of lessons must be paid up front within the payment deadlines in order to secure your lesson slow for the next term.

£7 per group lesson
£12 per 2:1 lesson (single swimmer)
£15 per 1:1 lesson

Term Dates

22nd April-25th May (5 weeks)
3rd June-20th July (7 weeks)
2nd September-19th October (7 weeks)
28th October-21st December (8 weeks)
6th January-15th February (6 weeks)

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Finlake Falls Swim School
Finlake Falls Swim School
Finlake Falls Swim School