Terms & Conditions


  1. Monthly membership entitles you to full use of the facilities of the Club on a monthly basis subject to clause 5 below.
  2. Class Pass membership entitles you to entrance of the club for participation in classes only subject to clause 5 below.
  3. Day Pass entitles you to full use of the facilities for one day only at the Club subject to clause 5 below and a single class credit will be issued with the purchase of a class pass, which expires on the same day.
  4. session pass entitles you to full use of the facilities for the selected period you have purchased (9-1 or 2-6) at the Club subject to clause 5 below and a session pass band will be issued with the purchase of a session pass, which expires on the same day.
  5. Prepaid Membership (12 months) entitles you to full use of the facilities of the Club for the selected period subject to clause 5 below.


Monthly members and day pass members

  • All classes (excluding classes using spin bikes or the fitness rig) are on a first come first serve basis
  • A Class(es) cannot be booked more than 6 days in advance.
  • You can only book classes
  1. when your membership is active; and
  2. up to and including the date on which your membership expires.


  1. You must be a minimum age of 18 years to join Finlake Fitness
  2. You must complete the PAR Questionnaire before you start using your membership and by completing the PAR Questionnaire warrant to us that you have no known condition or are undergoing any treatment that would prevent you from being capable of physical exercise in all material respects.
  3. On entry into this Membership Agreement and every time you enter the club during your membership, you warrant and represent to Finlake Fitness that you have no medical conditions known to you that would mean that you are not capable of all forms of exercise and that such exercise will not be detrimental to your health. If in doubt, it is your sole responsibility to consult a medical practitioner or to cancel your membership.
  4. You will receive a My Band when you join. If you have forgotten or lost your My Band, you will need to find it or pay for a new card. All members will have to assign a payment card to their My Band
  5. Your membership allows you to access the Club in accordance with the type of membership option that you have selected as set out above.
  6. We may assign the benefit of your Membership Agreement or the ownership of the Club to another operator, firm or company at any time without giving you notice.
  7. Your membership applies to you personally: you cannot lend, assign or transfer it to another person.
  8. We reserve the right to implement a waiting list at any time if we deem it necessary to do so.
  9. We reserve the right to make or change minor points or amendments in this Membership Agreement without notice to you.


  1. By completing the online application form and agreeing to be bound by these Terms and Conditions; you agree to pay all Finlake Fitness membership and other fees on time.
  2. In addition to your monthly, daily usage, extra add on package or other membership fees, we will also charge you a Joining fee. This Joining fee will be displayed on the website and is non-refundable. Annual memberships are except from the Joining fee.
  3. In addition to the Joining Fee and the Membership fees, we may also charge fees for personal training, therapies, tanning and any other services the Club may provide from time to time.
  4. Paying by monthly Direct Debit: The Joining Fee, your first month’s membership fees are collected from you by us on creation of your membership. Your second and subsequent Direct Debit for monthly membership fees will be collected from you on the monthly anniversary of the date of your membership application start date.
  5. Prepaying daily by card: daily memberships for a specified day can be prepaid via credit or debit card.
  6. Prepaying annually: annual membership can be paid via credit card, debit card or direct debit or by cash at the club reception.
  7. Paying extra add on monthly by card: When adding an Optional Extra to your membership, access is instant, and therefore a pro rata payment will be payable immediately to cover the time period between the date you add the package, to be taken in person over the desk. Your next monthly and subsequent payment will include the add on fee, unless you remove it from your account in the Member Area, giving at least 15 working days’ notice. All optional Extra charges are non-refundable under any circumstances.
  8. Your membership fees are subject to periodic increases and we reserve the right to pass on any changes in the rate of VAT to you. Fees will normally be reviewed on an annual basis but circumstances may dictate an earlier revision. You will normally be given one months-notice of any fee change. Membership dues for prepaid annual memberships will be reviewed only on renewal.
  9. All payments made are non-refundable under any circumstances, except in relation to the Direct Debit Money back Guarantee.


Cancellation of your membership

Cancelling your contract during the cooling off period. After you have joined you may cancel your membership for any reason within 14 days of joining. This is called the cooling off period. If you choose to cancel within these 14 days, we will give you a full refund of any fees paid.

What happens if you have good reason for ending the contract. After the cooling off period you may cancel your contract within the contract period for the following reasons only:

  1. Pregnancy
  2. Serious illness
  3. Serious injury
  4. If you move house more than 30 miles away from Finlake Fitness TQ13 0EJ
  5. Redundancy
  6. Your works relocates more than 30 miles away from Finlake Fitness TQ13 0EJ
  7. If we close for more than one month

Cancelling your contract. Once you are outside your minimum contract period. You may cancel your contract by sending your notice in writing or by email to the Leisure Manager. The contract will not end until a full calendar month after the first day of the following month in which you contact us. For example, if you tell us you want to end the contract on 4 February the services will stop on 31st March and we will take one additional payment for services in March. Please direct all cancellation to the reception desk or email finlake.fitness@haulfryn.co.uk

After your initial contract period. If you decide to continue after your minimum period you will be moved onto a rolling monthly contract. Should you decide to cancel. The contract will not end until a full calendar month after the first day of the following month in which you contact us.

pgrading and downgrading the contract. At any point within the minimum period you can always upgrade your contract, for example; flexi to annual or off peak to peak. You may not at any point in the minimum period downgrade your membership. After the minimum period you may upgrade or downgrade as necessary by sending your notice in writing or by email to the Leisure Manager. The contract will not change until a full calendar month after the first day of the following month in which you contact us as stated in above.

Cancellation of Class bookings

  1. Classes booked must be cancelled no less than 12 hours before the class’s advertised start time.

Cancellation by us:

  1. We may cancel your membership without notice if you commit a material breach of this agreement including, but not limited to, a breach of the Club Rules, abuse or threatening behaviour or vandalism or other illegal activity.
  2. We may cancel your membership with immediate effect if:
  3. you have breached any terms and conditions of this agreement; or
  4. membership fees or other charges remain unpaid 7 days after the due date and such a breach is not remedied by you within seven days, after being notified by us.
  5. we may cancel your membership without notice if you continually fail to cancel classes.
  6. we may cancel your membership with immediate effect if the Club permanently ceases operation, in these circumstances, we will consider providing a pro rata refund for membership fees already paid in respect of any period after the cancellation date.

Water Park

THE ATTRACTION IS PRIVATE PROPERTY. All My Bands are non-transferable, not for resale. If My Bands are bought on behalf of other guests, the buyer accepts these Conditions on behalf of every guest and shall ensure that those guests who are part of the group comply with these Entry Conditions. Day pass My Bands purchased are only valid on the date of Purchase. Tickets will only be exchanged or refunded if Haulfryn/Finlake in its absolute discretion, chooses to do so. My Bands must be retained at all times and submitted for inspection if required. The Attraction operates a strict adult to child regulation policy in order to comply with health and safety standards and therefore any child or children up to the age of 9 years must remain under the control and supervision of an adult at all times in accordance with the following adult to child ratios:

  • Each child aged 8 years and under must be accompanied and supervised by a person over the age of 16.
  • All Swimmers aged between 8 and 14 must be supervised at all times by an adult on poolside.
  • Maximum of two children under the age of 8 years must be accompanied and supervised by a person over the age of 16.

We reserve the right, in its absolute discretion to change the age restrictions referred to in this condition, if any circumstances so require in the interests of safety and security.

Spa, Beauty & Well-Being

Should you need to cancel your booking we require a minimum of 48 hours’ notice prior to your arrival date to be able to issue a refund. If you cancel within 24 hours, your money will be stored on your account and may be used towards another appointment in the future. Should you cancel within 12 hours of your spa day or treatment there will be no refund.

Vouchers are sent out to the client in the form of a PDF this can then be either forwarded to the intended recipient as an email or the client can then print off the voucher and mail out to their intended recipient. We do this in order to significantly

reduce the environmental impact. We do not mail out vouchers purchased online. Should you require us to post the voucher to the intended recipient you will need to inform us that this is your intention.  Should you wish to do this please email your request to Finlake.Beauty@Haulfryn.co.uk state your order number and voucher codes, we will then print off and gift wrap your voucher prior to mailing to the intended recipient, there may be an additional charge for this service. All our vouchers are valid for 13 months from the time of purchase.

When purchasing online should you not be 100% happy with your purchase, you will need to notify us within 30 days we will then void the purchased voucher and issue a full refund. You can do this by calling us on 01626 563 280 or emailing Finlake.Beauty@Haulfryn.co.uk. Should the sale only reach the "Checkout" stage of the order process this means that the voucher will not have been purchased according to our records, this in turn will result in the voucher PDF not being produced and emailed out as the automatic system has not picked up on the sale. Should this happen will not issue the voucher unless proof of purchase can be provided. Proof of purchase must be given before the new voucher can be dispatched. Once proof of purchase is provided we will issue the voucher and send as a PDF via email unless a postal method has been otherwise agreed.


  • Please ensure that you arrive at the meeting point at least 5 minutes before the activity starts. Late arrivals may not be admitted but will still be charged.
  • These activities are not a child minding facility. Children remain the responsibility of parents/guardians. If the child is 15 or younger, then the parent/guardian must remain with the child for the whole activity.
  • All activities must be pre-booked at least 1 hour before the start time. Activities are subject to availably and may be cancelled or postponed due to adverse weather conditions. if cancelled, an alternative activity will be provided. Payment is required on booking, to book an activity, please go online or call 01626 852137 or come down to the leisure reception at Finlake Falls. Cancellations with less than 24 hours’ notice will not be refunded.
  • Participants for all pool sessions must be able to swim 20 metres unaided. A swim test will take place prior to the session, failure to complete the 20-metre swim wit result in the participant having to sit out of the session. There will be no refund in this circumstance.
  • You must be present at the archery meeting point for registration with your instructor 10 minutes prior to your session start time.

Disclaimer for Water Walkers

  • Guests participate at their own risk
  • You will fall many times and you will find it difficult to stand and run
  • The water walker has a minimum age of 5 years
  • The water walker has a maximum weight allowance of 15 stone
  • Participants must wear a helmet at all times whilst in the water walker
  • Participants must obey all of the operator’s instructions Do not participate with gum in your mouth, or if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Do not attempt any stunts like flips, somersaults etc.
  • Do not play with the zip or attempt to damage the boll in any way
  • Water should not seep into the ball but if.it does please wave to the instructor who will immediately pull you back in with the safety rope
  • Participants who disregard the rules or act in a manner that Is dangerous or inappropriate may be asked to leave the water walker session
  • The water walker may work muscles that ore rarefy worked so it is advised that you warm up and stretch prior to participating
  • Stop participating if you feel faint, dizzy or sick
  • The water walker is not suitable for anyone suffering from high bloody pressure, any heart or respiratory condition or epilepsy
  • You must not participate if you are pregnant, have any back or neck problems or have had an operation within the past twelve months
  • You must not participate if you are undergoing any medical treatment or have any other condition that may be affected by participating in such an activity
  • You wish to end your go at any point, please make the instructor aware by using the signal shown to you before going into the ball
  • Please ensure glasses are taken off before entering the Water Walker